The following are excerpts from correspondence received from satisfied clients. Permission was given to publish these and names have been changed for confidentiality.

A letter from Nicole

I am in my early twenties and was very scared and uncertain when I found out I was pregnant with our son. It was a difficult pregnancy and it was clear I would be unable to work.

The day I walked into Open Arms I was ill and discouraged. A woman greeted me like I was an old friend. I knew that I was safe and that this place was different than any other agency I had encountered. The help that the ladies there gave my family that day was invaluable. Until then, I held the belief that there really weren’t people like this.

Open Arms gave me back my faith in myself as well as my fellow man. I moved away for a time and still received letters and notes from Open Arms reminding me that there were people who cared about me and prayed for me. When I came back to the area, I was in a sad situation. I called Open Arms, and before the end of the day a staff member on their own time came and brought me formula for my son as well as clothing and other items I desperately needed.

Open Arms has helped me be the mom I am today by helping me help myself and by giving me the support and counsel and wisdom I was searching for. My gratitude for their generosity, selflessness and love is limitless.

Thank you very much for your generosity. I am grateful to you and for all you have done for me and my son. You have given me the strength to be strong. I appreciate everything with all my heart and hope we can be close friends forever. Thank you and God bless - Debbie

Dear Ladies - I want to thank you so much for sponsoring a Ladies Night Out. It was so much fun and well needed and greatly appreciated. It really meant so much to me to be able to spend time with such nice people. It is angels like you that make this world a better place to live in.  - Rebecca

To Open Arms - Sorry I haven’t been in lately, but I just wanted to let you know that the boys and I are doing well and I like my new job. I always keep you in my heart, and thank God that there are people in the world like you all. Thank you so much. - Tammy

Thank you and everyone at Open Arms for the lovely picnic at Crandall Park. We had a wonderful time. Thanks to the door prize of Marino’s Pizza we had a tasty, quick dinner too.  Many thanks, The Browns

Dear Open Arms Center - I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me and my son.  You all are such a blessing to the community!  God bless you - Jennifer

From a thankful mom in Warrensburg

Open Arms Pregnancy Center helped me in my greatest time of need. I called the day before my due date and explained that all I had for my baby was a blanket and a pair of socks. Instead of being turned down because it was too short notice, Open Arms supplied me with clothes, bedding, and a place to sleep for my baby that same day. The next morning at 2am I went into labor.

I personally recommend Open Arms Pregnancy Center to anyone who needs a little help with getting ready and having children.